Whether you are a celiac or just prefer to follow a gluten free diet we have a tasty range or products that pack just as much taste as their gluten counterparts. 

We are very proud to be selling a range of Gluten Free burgers, kofta's and sausages.  We believe that only great ingredients should go into our products.  We use real onions, garlic, wine, herbs and spices instead of enhanced chemicals tastes and fillers.  If you cannot pronounce it, we are not prepared to add it to our products.

Currently on our Gluten Free Sausage Menu:
*Toulouse Sausage- Outdoor pork, red wine, salt, pepper, bacon, garlic, parsley, oregano, rice flour
*Steak Ale and Mustard- Outdoor Beef, salt, pepper, Gluten Free Ale, wholegrain mustard, parsley, rice flour
*Pork, Apple and Fennel Sausage- Outdoor pork, salt, pepper, rice flour, apples, fennel, fennel seed, parsley


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